What To Look For In A Cattery

When you are planning a trip you are usually in a dilemma as to where to board your pet. A pet cat is usually the darling of a family and many are often sad to have to part with their pet when they have to travel. However, since most travel and accommodation does not allow pets to travel with their owners, most people do not have any option but to put their cat up in a cattery.

Public funded cattery services

If you do not have any option you will probably have to opt for a public funded cattery or animal shelter. Usually, these places have kennel shelters for the cats and they provide meals at regular intervals. However, the cooped up living quarters along with the absence of freedom and personalized care usually provides sad living conditions for the pets. For the pet owners it often breaks their heart to have to leave their pet in this kind of dismal living conditions.

Private cattery services

Nowadays catteries are being operated by private individuals as well. They offer resort or hotel like atmosphere with lots of indulgences, creating a holiday experience for the pet. For those who are looking for a great place for their pet, this kind of an exclusive cattery is akin to putting your pet up at a luxury resort. Here your pet is well looked after, there are open grounds which provide ample freedom and exercises to the pets who are kept here.

Luxury cattery at a price

It does not have to be said that catteries that offer exclusive services http://www.keepin-katz.co.nz/ charge a premier fee as well. The rates differ as per the accommodation provided, the activities and facilities offered and the care and attention that are offered. You would have to research and find different luxury cattery services in your area and then compare the rates against feedback, testimonials of other pet owners and other factors.

Making a decision

Usually pet owners are ready to pay a premium if there is a luxury cattery service located in their area as against keeping one’s pet in a public or government funded animal shelter. However, if there are breeders in town who also offer shelters for animals at a reasonable fee, that is also an option. However, if one wishes to ensure that their pet is well looked after when they are away, they need to opt for the luxury facilities that will monitor the grounds, the activities of the pet, ensure that it is well fed, active and well looked after. Many cattery services also give a discount when a pet owner boards up their pet frequently at these places.